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We offer energy solutions

We are an international company with more than 17 years in the energy sector, helping industries to reduce their electrical and thermal energy costs by reducing their polluting emissions.

We have the authorized distribution of the brand Capstone Green Energy Corporation, we offer a wide range of Microturbines that generate electrical and thermal energy, ideal peripheral equipment to take advantage of the residual heat of your processes, all our equipment adapts to the different needs of our customers. We provide technical advice and specialized resources to help organizations to drastically reduce their electrical and thermal energy costs with the highest efficiency percentages in the market.

Our services

  • Cogeneration projects

  • Waste heat recovery

  • Water treatment plants

  • Remote monitoring and analysis

  • Energy studies

  • Energy training

  • Energy consulting

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Key benefits

  • Cost savings

  • Maximizing energy efficiency

  • Waste heat utilization to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact

  • Water treatment solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and sustainability

  • Solar energy as a renewable and sustainable alternative

  • Fiscal incentives

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More than 75.5 MW installed in different sectors

Learn about our success stories

Industries united for global decarbonization

More than 110 projects installed in different industrial sectors.

Be one more company benefiting from our technology!

Plastics industry

  • 1.4 MWh generated
  • 50% energy savings
  • Cold water for plastic processes

Plastics industry

  • 1.5 MWh produced
  • 99% savings
  • Hot air used for drying ovens

Food industry

  • 95 KWh produced
  • 100% energy availability
  • Use of biogas as fuel
  • Total independence from the power grid
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