BIOGÁS "turns waste into money".

Fitec and DTC has over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, providing plant designs, mechanical equipment and operations support to valued clients and partners.

With advanced equipment and dedicated support for every stage of your biogas project, Fitec is more than a vendor. We are a partner who is committed to your success.

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Agriculture and livestock

Fitec's simple and flexible systems process a wide range of feedstocks, maximizing revenue opportunities from agricultural and non-agricultural waste. With biogas you can harvest clean energy while minimizing disruptions to your primary operations.

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Our advanced equipment and unique processes, such as co-digestion of food waste at wastewater treatment facilities, can help you meet waste diversion targets. Learn how biogas can help you meet the growing demands for more responsible waste management.

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Project developers

Keep your costs low and your operations profitable. Biogas provides your facility with equipment that reliably handles the widest range of waste streams on the market, giving you the maximum return on investment.

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Engineering and consulting firms

Start integrating Fitec hardware such as the BioSqueeze 200 Separation 'plug-and-play' kit into your larger systems to diversify your portfolio of solutions for municipal customers. Our modular equipment is designed to offer the greatest possible flexibility and adaptability.

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